Sanitation Basket for 1 Adolescent Girl (Rs.430/-)

Sanitation Basket for 1 Adolescent Girl (Rs.430/-)

Women and Child Development department of Wockhardt Foundation has taken the initiative to help the hapless Adolescent Girls.

Amount: Rs 430/- for 1 Adolescent Girl

100 Quantity

Name: Wockhardt Foundation


About Problem

Only 12% of Indian rural Women use sanitary napkins during menstruation. The rest use rags, leaves, ash and other such material, which leads to infection and other complications.

The Condition

The girl child in India pitiably belongs to a deprived category in more ways than one. If she survives the very first ordeal of being born to live somehow, she is bombarded by other negative forces such as poor nutrition, poor clothing, poor sanitation and so on. Her plight gets worse once she reaches puberty. The poor child does not know how to deal with her menstruation physically as well as emotionally and is literally pushed out of the house during those days.

Sanitation basket is a service that brings dignity to the hapless girl child by making available sanitary napkins and other supportive hygiene inputs so that she can live as normally as possible every single day of the month. Why not join this movement and make a girl child’s life more tolerable?


Restore basic dignity of rural women, improve sanitation, eliminate infection and elevate their quality of life.


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