Help Me Serve

Our Philosophy

Help Me Serve is one stop shop solution for all our neighbors and fellowmen who is in utmost need of our help. We pledge to heal India. We stride hard to serve the nation and together eradicate.


We Need You!

Become a Warrior

Become a part of our family. Together, we can save many lives and stop this hunger.

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Step 1 - Select a cause

Choose from any of the causes that you would like to support and see relief in. Your contribution will help end the suffering caused.

Step 2 - Donate

You can now donate your hard earned money in single or multiple units to the cause you chose. Your contribution will go to a renowned NGO having the expertise and working extensively towards the chosen cause. 

Step 3 - Complete

Once your contribution has been made you are now a proud citizen who has joined hands with us to help end human suffering and uplift society.


The broad spectrum of causes that we support.


  • Sanitation Basket for 1 Adolescent Girl

  • Rehabilitation for 1 Elderly for 1 Month

  • Shuddhu – Water purifying tablets per Family for 1 Year

  • Little Heart Surgery