Tab for 1 Child (Age 4-7yrs)

Tab for 1 Child (Age 4-7yrs)

Wockhardt Foundation’s Mission is to give academic excellence through quality and innovative teaching methods.

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About Problem

With printed books in poor supply in more than 50% of primary schools, children need Tablets to stay in the learning curve which is not happening at present

The condition

Given the success and sustainability it has tasted and demonstrated, e-learning has come to stay in rural areas where qualified teachers are a rare species and educational course material is hard to come by. Learning by the electronic route is the new norm in most parts of our country and despite teething troubles, there are indicators of a strong journey ahead for this phenomenon.

Simultaneous with the development of e-infrastructure, the need for tablets for the student community has increased several folds. Without a readily available tablet hardware, students find it difficult to visualize and assimilate their lessons on a daily basis. Do pitch in with your contributions to help on this front.


The ready availability of Tablet hardware will boost the learning experience of the children in their formative years.

Donations made above Rs.500/- will be eligible for 50% Tax exemption.


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