T-shirt from Waste Plastic Bottle

T-shirt from Waste Plastic Bottle

Wockhardt Foundation understands their responsibility towards environment and needy, they will give their bit by making T-shirts from waste plastic bottles and distribute amongst poor people.

Amount :Rs 250/- 1 Person

100 Quantity

Name: Wockhardt Foundation


About Problem

Plastic waste raises carbon emission in the air by 40.2%, which is the second largest after China, affecting nearly 39% of India’s total population.

The Condition

Plastic thrown carelessly by the roadside is a killer even if it looks very cute and innocuous. It is going to stay put there for centuries and millennia unless of course cattle come and eat it up only to get stomach blockage that can even kill the poor animal.

Dealing with plastic waste has been a nightmare for civic planners as well as environmentalists. One moment you feel you have found the answer and the very next moment you are driven to despair by the sheer magnitude of the problem.

Well-meaning souls are trying myriad ways of converting waste plastic into useful domestic items. We have partnered a firm that makes T-shirts out of it. Try it. You will like it. Even as you help a noble cause.


By drastically reducing plastic waste, pollution is no doubt reduced but the making of T-shirts out of the discarded material also generates employment to numerous men and women. You can hit two birds with one stone! Why wait?

Donations made above Rs.500/- will be eligible for 50% Tax exemption.


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