Support Sir Dr. Huz for saving Little Hearts

Support Sir Dr. Huz for saving Little Hearts


Sir Dr. Huz

For Little Heart Surgery

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Name: ashita raval


About  Condition

The Need- In India 3,00,000 children are born with heart defects every year. Many of them would succumb for lack of resources, facilities and awareness.

Congenital Heart Defect ( CHD) is a defect in the structure of the heart and blood vessels which is present since birth. In some conditions symptoms can appear immediately after birth while in others they may appear after several days to months. For us it is important to recognize the warning signs and symptoms at the earliest and seek timely medical help.

Congenital heart defect surgery at Wockhardt Hospital, South Mumbai; where the hospital contributes 15 % of the cost of the operation and the remaining cost is paid by donors.

About Me

My goal in life is to care for every person I meet.

I believe in 7 Values: Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love, Humility, Giving, Patience & Truth.  Giving relives stress. I feel joy in giving. Giving starts from the heart – giving and helping makes people happy, Giving can bring a smile to someone’s face. Giving not only makes the receiver happy, it also makes the giver happy; the giver feels lighter – without tension, worry, pressure.

Giving is one of the greatest joys that one can experience. There are many people who are suffering, who need help. People can give their time, help, service, effort, money.



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