Shuddhu – Water purifying tablets per Family for 1 Year (Rs.430/-)

Shuddhu – Water purifying tablets per Family for 1 Year (Rs.430/-)

Shudhu is Wockhardt Foundation initiative that aims at providing clean drinking water across India and the world over. Our endeavor is to educate the masses about the importance of clean drinking water, and to give them access to one of the most efficient, easy and economical water purification method available.

Shudhu is a NaDcc(Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate) Tablet that purifies up to 20 liters of water at one time, in 30 minutes. It rids water of all pathogens, without leaving any odors or color, making it safe for drinking and cooking needs.It has approval of NaDcc.

Amount: Rs 430/- per Family for 1 Year



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Name: Wockhardt Foundation


About Problem

The southern Indian state Kerala has been battered by heavy rains since the last couple of weeks. The state has also been badly hit by torrential downpour, resulting in low-lying areas being submerged and residents stranded without electricity or water.

The Condition

The 2018 Kerala floods are severe floods that occurred in Kerala state in South India. The floods are a result of the unusually high amount of rainfall during the August 2018 monsoon season. More than 106 people have been killed as a result of the flood, with 85,000 people displaced and 14 districts placed on high alert They are the worst floods in the state of Kerala in nearly a century.

35 out of 42 dams in the state were opened for the first time in history and all five gates of one of Asia’s highest arch dam, the Idukki Dam were opened at the same time for the first time.

The flooding has affected hundreds of villages, destroyed an estimated 10,000km of roads and thousands of homes have been damaged or destroyed.  A number of water treatment plants were forced to cease pumping water, resulting in poor access to clean water, especially in northern districts of the region.


We are collecting funds to provide clean drinking water to the flood victims in Kerala by distributing Shudhu Water Purification Tablets.


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