Shuddhu – Water purifying tablets per Family for 1 Year

Shuddhu – Water purifying tablets per Family for 1 Year

Shudhu is Wockhardt Foundation initiative that aims at providing clean drinking water across India and the world over. Our endeavor is to educate the masses about the importance of clean drinking water, and to give them access to one of the most efficient, easy and economical water purification method available.

Shudhu is a NaDcc(Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate) Tablet that purifies up to 20 liters of water at one time, in 30 minutes. It rids water of all pathogens, without leaving any odors or color, making it safe for drinking and cooking needs.It has approval of NaDcc.

Amount: Rs 430/- per Family for 1 Year

100 Quantity

Name: Wockhardt Foundation


About Problem

Pure drinking water is not a privilege for a select few but a necessity for all. Shudhu corrects this imbalance

1.5 million Children die in India every year from water–borne diseases. Around 80% of all diseases in the world are water-related

The Condition

The new millennium is seeing progress on multiple fronts but not with regard to pure drinking water
Vast areas of rural and semi-urban India still have no access to purified and disinfected water supply. As a result, millions of people, especially children are suffering from infective disorders that can even be fatal


By providing clean water to the masses you are restoring their health and their productivity thus boosting the quality of their lives

Donations made above Rs.500/- will be eligible for 50% Tax exemption.


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