Pronto Toilet for 1 family

Pronto Toilet for 1 family

Pronto Toilet initiative of Wockhardt Foundation aims to construct individual sanitary latrines at schools and communities to accomplish a vision of 'Clean India'. They will build toilets in Gajapati, Ganjam, Angul, Nayagarh etc. districts of Odisha.

Amount :Rs 14000/- per Family

100 Quantity

Name: Wockhardt Foundation


About Problem

60.24% of the Indian population have no access to toilets, resulting in poor hygiene and spread of infective diseases.

The Condition

It is a well-known secret that rural households in our country have no concept of using a toilet let alone building them. This has been going on for centuries and has contributed to poor hygiene causing infectious diseases that can be debilitating and even fatal.

Pronto Toilet addresses this issue head-on with building household toilets on a massive scale supported by the generation of water sources alongside.

Awareness creation and mind-set modification are also taken up in right earnest so that the future citizens of our country are saved from not merely the embarrassment of using open spaces for defecation but also from disease-causing germs of multiple kinds.


Building toilets is a vital step in improving sanitation, preventing the spread of infective diseases and bringing about a cultural revolution for the better. Be part of it.

Donations made above Rs.500/- will be eligible for 50% Tax exemption.


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