Prevent Children from Malnutrition

Prevent Children from Malnutrition

Maitri’s motto is NOT TO LET A SINGLE CHILD DIE. Maitri’s monsoon campaign Dhadak Mohim reaches out to villages that have reported the maximum number of child deaths in the earlier year. Volunteers monitor every single child and pregnant woman in their assigned village and ensure nutrition, primary health care and health education.

Amount Rs. 1600/- per child for 3 months

100 Quantity

Name: Maitri NGO


About Problem

Over 93 Lakh Children in India Suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition

The Condition

Nearly 44% of children in India are malnourished. In the Melghat region, nearly 6,000 children and women died due to malnutrition in a six-year period, deaths inside the womb being 2,958, infants 1,528, child deaths 1,365 and mothers 134. Malnutrition was found to be highly prevalent amongst all age groups with 54% children aged 1-5 years and 43% adults aged ≥ 20 years being severe to moderately underweight. A major cause of malnutrition in children was incorrect child care practices, due to lack of proper and timely health care and education.

Thus, this multi-faceted problem of malnutrition needed to be tackled at its roots. With the commitment to save every single child in Melghat, a full-fledged, holistic program was evolved, with components such as health care and awareness, education support, governance and community empowerment.


Monitoring every single child in the monsoon minimises vulnerability and ensures timely health care for those who succumb to sickness. Health education and awareness improves child care and nutrition practices among the entire population, thus building a better India for the next generation.

Donations made above Rs.500/- will be eligible for 50% Tax exemption.


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