Plant 1 Tree

Plant 1 Tree

Kshitij Multipurpose Foundation will plant a tree and also do maintenance of it through lifetime.

Amount:Rs 520 for 1 Tree


100 Quantity

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Name: Kshitij – Beyond the Horizon


About Problem

Only 12.34% of the original tree cover of our country is surviving now and can recycle only 20% of CO2 in the air. We are in dire need of more trees all over.

The Condition

Environmental damage and economic development often go hand in hand. You cannot build roads without cutting through forests. Same with building factories, residential colonies, commercial complexes and so forth.

While it is recognized that cutting trees is an inevitable component of GDP growth and other such modern day prerequisites, it is also being recognized in many quarters of power, that in order to be sustainable, you have to re-grow the forests you destroyed, soon rather than late, if you want to avoid catastrophes like global warming and environmental pollution.
That indeed is our mission. Plant trees. Plant hopes. Not for now but for tomorrow’s citizens of the world. Come join us.


More trees mean more healthy environment, better food chain and their good fallouts. Above all you are adding life in its totality. Join us right now.

Donations made above Rs.500/- will be eligible for 50% Tax exemption.


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