Rehabilitation for 1 Elderly for 1 Month

Rehabilitation for 1 Elderly for 1 Month


Jeevan Anand Sanstha is offering free medical treatment, Food and rehabilitation of disabled and disadvantaged roadside elderly in Mumbai.

Indian Multipurpose Trust for Blinds is the one and only social institution working for the rural blind of thane- Kalyan district. The trust will provide the nutritional need for Blind elderly.

Amount: Rs. 5200/- for 1 Elderly, 1 Month, Food and Medicines.

100 Quantity

Name: Jeevan Anand Sanstha ngo


About Problem

Too many senior citizens and too few places to accommodate them. The 728 old age homes in our country are not enough to care for their needs, so many seniors are simply abandoned by their kin.

The Condition

Gone are the days of joint families that took care of all the members right from the cradle to the grave. And they are not going to come back at all, thanks to scattered job opportunities and restricted cum unaffordable residential accommodations. No wonder, the senior citizens of such families tend to feel isolated and lost amidst the whirligig of modern living.
enior citizens have to be washed, clothed, fed and kept motivated to lead a productive life lest they turn into a
Ssad vegetative existence. Caregivers are entrusted with this job but they are expensive to obtain and retain, so the seniors are often left to fend for themselves. That is where institutional help matters a lot. Help us to help the senior citizens in old age homes to lead a life of dignity, free of malnutrition and illness.


Orphaned at the fag end of their lives, senior citizens need your help to bring back the smile on their faces. Give it in ample measure.

Donations made above Rs.500/- will be eligible for 50% Tax exemption.


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