Physiotherapy class for Blind for 1 Month

Physiotherapy class for Blind for 1 Month

Blind People Association will empower and encourage the blind to be self-reliant by giving them training For Physiotherapy.

Amount: Rs 1600/- per blind Person for 1 Month

100 Quantity

Name: Blind Peoples Association


About Problem

This is essentially one of lack of opportunities and ignorance of the society at large. If only these are corrected, they can surprise you with their ingenuity.

The Condition

People with visual impairment, blind or not fully so, don’t need our sympathy. They want our understanding and facilitation in their pursuit of making a decent living despite their handicap so that they can have a place of their own in the sun.

Even though their visual acumen may not be good, these persons have developed extraordinary powers of their other senses to circumvent their handicap and move ahead in life.
Physiotherapy is one such area where they excel provided they are given an opportunity to deploy their skills. Let us do it for them and for our own sake. Help them become ace physiotherapists and other professionals.


By supporting this cause, you are in essence restoring your faith in humanity regardless of physical constraints which the beneficiaries will appreciate deeply.

Donations made above Rs.500/- will be eligible for 50% Tax exemption.


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