Anemia care for 1 Child (Rs. 200/-)

Anemia care for 1 Child (Rs. 200/-)

Kshitij Multipurpose foundation is located at Washim district of Maharashtra, has taken a pledge to make the future generation healthy by arranging camps in Rural Areas for Anemia Tests and will be providing them with proper Medication.

Amount – Rs. 200/- per Child

100 Quantity

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Name: Kamyab WF


About Problem

India has the highest number of anemic children in the world. 3 out of every 4 Indian children suffer from anemia.

The Condition

Deficiency of iron and vitamins is rampant in lower socioeconomic strata, especially in girls, leading to anemia.
The poor quality of blood cannot deliver enough oxygen to vital organs like the brain, leading to stunting of growth and development of the entire person making the child useless to the society and the family.


Every child is entitled to a healthy life free from anemia. Make sure children get it. You will be part of a noble mission to foster good health among the poor.


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